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May 8, 2010

Spiritual Prep

(This is Jenny, Mark’s daughter) So as we finished the race and I kept encouraging Dad to “run Mark run”, I couldn’t help but remember Paul’s exhortation to Timothy stating that he “fought the good fight, kept the faith and finished the race.” And boy did Dad do that today. As I sit here blogging with him (I took over), and hear him groan as he stands up, I’m overwhelmed with how faithful God is to help us complete our personal race. Our life is an endurance race and like Dad, we have a choice to run them for ourselves or run for God. We’ve run this race 4 years now and none have been as sweet and rewarding as this one. We were running for God. We were running for what God’s heart beats. We were running as an extension of God’s hands and feet for Haiti. When we choose to partner with God we can do amazing things in our race. And it’s these radical things that pull other people closer to the amazing God we serve. I know when we cross the true finish line in heaven God will look at us and say, “well done good and faitful servant, you fought the fight, kept the faith, finished the race and now a great reward awaits you.”

Training: FINISHED (insert hallelujah chorus)

Dad says…”arghhhhh.” and “ugh….”

We won’t know the final results until Monday. We’ll post Monday evening so you can still pledge….. a lot…a whole lot….

Thanks everyone for supporting and loving my Dad.

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