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May 6, 2010

Spiritual Prep

As I am waiting for Saturday, the race morning time starts to accelerate as we get closer.  Wasn’t that long ago it seemed a long way off.  And now, it is about 33 hours away.  IT’S HERE!  At the beginning there were things to do to be ready.  Little things like planning the drink stops and big things like physical training.  Waiting is where a lot of people lose direction and find themselves at the end unprepaired.   

There is a story I heard once about two college students who had been studying for final exams.  Early the next morning as they were on the way to class for the test, the students passed a  Church where elderly people were filing out after an early morning service.  One student asked the other, what do you think they were doing in there?  The other student replied, cramming for finals. 

Will we find in our lives that the time has escaped and we are left with the feeling we need to cram for finals?  Let’s be training to be prepared for what God has in store for us on that day and in these days.   

Jude 1:21 Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.’

Training Prep

Did the whirlpool today and got some relief so will keep stretching and do the whirlpool twice tomorrow.  Also will wear rubber sole shoes tomorrow for comfort. 

We went to the Mini Expo to hand out cards to the runners as they came in  to get their running packet for Saturday.  The cards had the Run Mark Run.net website on one side and “check it out on the other.  We handed out about a thousand this afternoon.  It was pretty cool.  Because of the TV spot, a lot of people recognized the effort and asked us to tell them more about it.  There was a lot of interest and support.  Also, I had someone tell me a story about how their 5 year old told them he wanted to give all he had in his piggy bank after watching the interview.  An associate at work told me she shared the TV interview with her children as a way to describe why she worked for our company.  A company of people who did what we are doing.  Told you I was getting much more than I was giving.  The excitement is building.  Tomorrow we will go and hand out the rest of the cards at the Expo and meet more great people.  I am getting pumped.  When our kids get here tomorrow and we eat dinner together, then start getting ourselves ready, I will really be in a zone.  Can’t wait.

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