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May 5, 2010

Spiritual Prep

I started out the blog on March 7th, using this scripture Matt 19:26 “”with God, all things are possible.”  Today we went over 500 pennies.  Not only are things possible, He always exceeds our expectations.  There is no telling how far the Lord is going to take all we are doing together.  Using all this social media really makes it a joint effort.  One has to pass it to another and another and so on.  It can start in the heart of one but will only grow in hearts that are molded by the Spirit that dwells in us.  We are connected by so many things.  We now share in this work as this chapter is closing and another will begin.  Keep in mind that the ultimate purpose of our work together here is to provide a chance for  someone to get a chance to tell a person in Haiti that our Lord gave His life so we could give ours and that is the God we serve and strive to be like.  His example, his pattern in our life– to yours.  The offer of Jesus to join in him is for everyone and will be shared thanks to you.  Shared when the hungrey are eating, the sick being given care, the eldery and widows are looked after and the oprhans are loved.  You all are amazing and I am sad there is only a couple of days left to write.   It is said that when we have an experience such as this, we benefit more than the ones we serve.  From my point of view, I am the one who has been given much in this experience.   God is good–All the time!  Lord, bless the final days of our work.  I ask blessings on all the people who have and will participated in Run Mark Run 4 Haiti.  You are our God and we praise your name.  All we ask and do, it is in the name of Jesus.  Amen

Training Prep

Stretching is helping.  Starting to be sure I am drinking a lot of water.  Tomorrow we will go to the Expo which is where everyone gets their running bib/number.  We will have our shirts on and will be handing out cards with the web site on it and asking runners to go check out the web site.  Will get a whirlpool tomorrow.  Got to figure out with the running team how we will be effecient in passing people.  You use a lot of energy and time weaving in and out.  Thinking about some sort of horn to let people know we are coming.

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