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May 2, 2010

Spiritual Prep

I wonder at times if I started with Training Prep, would more people read the blog?   I am not even sure who is reading the blog except someone tells me or I get a comment.  Pretty cool that some of the comments come from other countries.  I wonder if I focused more on the issues in Haiti if it would send more people to the page to pledge more pennies.  I wonder if we had done things better would more money have been raised for the medical needs of the northwest region of Haiti, the poorest of the country.  Then I refocus and consider our Lord and his purpose and power.  Then anything we do – if not  in his will is futile.  Also, whatever we do if for the right or wrong reasons, he will bring to his glory.  The scirptures are full of right and wrong leading to the fulfillness of his plan.  I don’t think about what I do and how it might work out for him.  No I think of how he wants things to be and what we do, might just be a small and good part of the result.  God is in control of all and I give all horor and praise to his ways and plans of which I am sure we know very little.  What I do know is the magnitude of love, grace, forgiveness and wisdom.  Can you just ponder for a minute the wisdom of our God giving himself as a perfect sacrifice, the only perfect sacrifice available, for us as a replacement for the punishment of our wrong doing.  A sacrifice that needs to be never given again, complete and for all.  The love that would drive him to suffer the kind of punishment and death he endured?  The grace to allow us to falter and still continue to come back for forgivness time after time?  The forgiveness that is everlasting and for all, the close to perfect and the far away from perfect—–for all of us!  Stops me from thinking and I move to worshiping him with all my being, for ever and ever.  Amen.

Stories from Haiti

Haiti’s farmland is some of the least productive in the world. Widespread deforestation and poor environmental controls have stripped most of Haiti’s hillsides bare, the best topsoil washed downstream long ago.  And demonstrated as recently as 2008, alternating spells of drought and tropical storms can wreak havoc on the country’s large number of small-scale subsistence farmers.  Agricultural development programs are one of the most practical types of ministry in Haiti. If feeding programs are essential for short-term and life-saving relief in Haiti, then agriculture projects are essential for long-term improvement. Without them, there will never be lasting “relief.”  Northwest Haiti Christian Mission is working to develop agriculture initiatives ranging from reforestation, to food production, to fish farming, to clean water projects.

 Quick Facts

  • Only 2 percent of Haiti’s forests remain.
  • 71 percent of energy used in Haiti comes from charcoal.
  • More than half of Haitians have no access to clean water – 17 percent still filter dirty water with a cloth just to drink it.

How Northwest Haiti Christian Mission is helping As Jesus used a net bursting with fish to draw others to Him, NWHCM believes that productive farms and new wells can be powerful tools to encourage deeper relationships with Christ. They are also vital for sustainable, long-term hunger relief and economic growth. Their initiatives are still in their early stages, but they are pioneering diverse projects in communities across Northwest Haiti. The current priorities include developing a tree nursery for the region, building fish farms at various key sites, and distributing goats to needy rural families.  You can be a part of this work along with all that is going on at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  Go to their website and check it out. 

Training Prep

Did only a 2 miles today just to loosen up a little.   Will get one more 4 mile run and a 15 mile bike ride in and call it done.  I am really ready to run and stop the training.  I know it is not a lot for real runners but for me, just an exerciser it has been intense.  It was really hard to keep it up while on this trip, but feel good that I did!  Will look to start some weight and core work after this Haiti Run. 

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