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May 10. 2010

Spiritual Prep

We have no results yet.  How often we wait on the Lord and become impatient for the results.  Perhaps he is still working somewhere on someone.  Turns out the results we can track is where I placed with all runners, but it doesn’t tell how many people I really passed.  I know it is more than we ever thought possible.  As far as time goes, we ran faster than over 14,900 people.  What we don’t know it how many people started the race.  We don’t know how many started before us that we didin’t pass who ran slower than us.  Remember, we started at least 30 minutes behind everyone.  Therefore, someone could have run slower and we didin’t catch them.  The race officials have to go to the timing chip people and get the final numbers.  We are hopeful for final results tomorrow.  I know that God is good and the number is more than we expected.  What were we thinking?  I know that many of you made committments based upon our estimate of 2,000 people passed as a goal.  We blew by that goal.  You should give what you committed in your heart to give and no more.  2 Cor 9:7  God loves a cheerful giver.

Training Prep

Can’t.  Foot is swollen and hurting today.  Franklin my son in law PA, suggested I get an MRI so we can tell what is going on.  The symptoms presenting are not in line with PF.  Could be a nuroma?    Will wait a week or so and see how it feels.

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