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April 6, 2010

Spiritual Prep

T-shirts and Christians have in common?  Actually a lot.  As we made the trip back from Haiti yesterday, we wore the t-shirt of Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  We were recognized and approached by people all day long asking about the work we were involved in.  Christians.  Many of them were involved in some work as well.   As we exchanged stories I was struck by how different and yet how similar our experiences were.  Most everyone was involved in helping an orphanage.  Pure religion, to help the orphans and widows.  All the people we talked to worked in or close to Port Au Prince.  I spent the trip back organizing my thoughts and getting it all into mental compartments.  On a side note, we met with the people coming in from Indianapolis.  WISH TV was there and has taken an interest in the work being done on behalf of the people.  They did a quick interview with me.  Hopefully, what I said will make some sense and bring glory to the Lord and his servants in Haiti.   I will try to give some idea of what I saw and the observations I made in my future blogs.  Pray for the missionaries who are pouring out their lives for the people of Haiti.  I will tell about them as well.  A mission is a system more complicated and purposful than you can imagine.  It is what you expect and so much deeper than you know.  Keep up and I will try to give you a view.  In Him

Training Prep

Did 4.15 miles tonight on the pavement.  After 4 days off, I had to expand my lungs again and it was a little painful.  Amazing how the body gets used to what you ask it to do or not to do so quick.  Got new shoes tonight.  You get about 500 miles on a pair of shoes.  I can tell when they are breaking down by how my legs feel.  It is 31 days till the run so got a pair to get them good and used by then.  Won’t be taking to many days off from here on unless trapped into it.  Won’t do less than 4 miles each workout from here on.

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