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April 10, 2010

Spiritual Prep

Yesterday I had an opportunity to present to a fairly large number of people.  The purpose of my presentation was to challenge the audience to use what they had learned for the last couple of days.  In the morning, I attended a meeting where Dr McKeag talked about his time in Haiti, just days after the earthquake.  I had not really had an emotional reaction since my time in Haiti as we have been on the run since our return.  I listened to his stories of providing medical attention to the injured using whatever they could in the absense of the best medical equipment.  How in order to save lives, they had to perform proceedures in tough conditions.  He was telling about how some aftershocks were so frightening, that all the injured moved out of the building they were using as a hospital, pulling out IV’s and limping on broken bones to get into the yard and would not go back inside.   Some died as they jumped to their deaths to flee and some were injured further.  Then I was asked to tell what I had seen.  I could hardly speak.  Knowing the conditions I saw and thinking of the injured returning to those conditions or worse, they have no chance or very slim odds of surviving.  Death will be slow and painful if not from infections then disease or starvation.   There are extimated to be 70,000 amputees for the earthquake.  It is hard enough for a person with all their limbs and parts in order.  For these it will be especially trying.   As I prepared my remarks for the afternoon, I had a section telling people they should know what success looks like.  I was beginning to feel bad about this cause because I was hoping the word of Run Mark Run would spread  a lot faster.   I had not idea how viral marketing would work but reaching a million pennies was a “why not”.  If your following this you know we are just over 250.  So in my slump, I tested some facts.  Peirre Garcon who plays for the Colts has a foundation that is raising money for food in Haiti.  He was coming in with NWHCM as we were leaving.  NWHCM can get all the food they want for free.  It cost approximatly $14,ooo to ship a container of food.  10 containers of food will feed approximately 10,000 people one meal a day for 365 days.  So, about $14 will feed one person one meal a day for a year.  If we were raising money for food.  Those few pennies we have raised to date, if I can pass 2,000 people,  would feed over 300 people for a year.  If I can pass 4,000 we could feed over 600 people once a day for a year.  I have lost a little of my sight of success.  It is small but it is not bad.  What ever we raise is good and I am grateful for those who have joined to help.  I pray that God will breath on this effort and give it an extra lift.  I ask in the name of Jesus.

Training Prep

Did 8 miles today and it was hard.  A hilly path so I admit to walking some.  Back on the hard surfaces.  Got to do it.  Have to be sure to roll out my leg muscles as my plantarfacitis gets really bad and then the bottom of my feet start to hurt when I run.  Have a sock I will have to start wearing to sleep that keeps my toes drawn back and helps.  Tomorrow,  lengthy work on the eliptical.

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