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April 8, 2010

Spiritual Prep

The “mission” has several works that surround the core purpose (read yesterday).  The main ones I saw (you can go to their website and read more) is childrens homes, a birthing center, special needs children, elder care, feeding programs, schools and Church planting/building.  There are more I am sure but these are the ones front and center operating on a daily basis.    I will start with the special needs children.  The Miriam Center is where it happens.  The overseer is Courtney Pierce.  She is a real gem full of energy and vitality with a real heart for these children.  These kids are usually abandoned or will die because the family can’t or won’t take care of them due to their disability.  Courtney believes no child should die alone and currently has a child she is nursing hoping to save.  He is so small and under nourished they don’t expect him to make it, yet they will try.  When CJ was there last year, a small child named Kinderson was in the same shape.  He was rocked, fed and loved.  CJ got to see him having made it and crawling around healthy and lively.  Each life is important or the Lord wouldn’t have made it so.  Courtney and the people who work at the Miriam Center are larger than life yet they most likely will never touch your life.  They are touching the lives of God’s special needs children in Haiti.  Pray for her and those like her who take our place on the firing line.  We love you girl! 

Training Prep

Rode the bike for 1 1/2 hours today.  Was going to step it up to 2 hours but had a meeting so got what I got.   Probably will take a rest day tomorrow and do a long run on Saturday.  Felt good.  Really sweating a lot with the weather change.   At a good point weight wise.  Still have to watch what I eat but going to smaller meals and healthy mid morning and afternoon snacks helps.   I am continuing to lose a little and don’t really need to.   Sleeping good.  Cold gone.

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