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April 7, 2010

Spiritual Prep

As I have reflected on “mission work” , how we use the words “mission trip” and the description of  “the mission”, I have found no mention in the bible (at least in the translation I used) of missionary or mission work.  I did find some references to “a mission” (Acts 12:25).  It seems to be something or a task with purpose assigned by God or man.   The reason it interests me is because of what I found at North West Haiti Christian Mission.  There is no question that the core purpose or mission of this work is the sharing of the Gosple of Jesus Christ.  It is at the center of all the work with the purpose of achieving an opportunity to share the Gosple with the people of Haiti.  But there is much-much more surrounding this central objective that constitutes “a mission”.  It is an entire socio-ecomomic system that works to help the brothers and sisters in Christ of the mission, achieve a level of independence and education that will help  lift as many of the current generation and the next generation to be able to help themselves.  This is done through many different types of work based upon the needs at each community in which “a mission” and Church exists.  The demonstration of this Christian community speaks to all the people on the outside and is very powerful.  Don’t worry, there are many people cared for who  cannot care for themselves and I will talk about that in other blogs.  However, those that can care for themselves are asked to do so and work, no handouts.  Much of our contributions go to pay these people to work and serve one another by operating the daily functions of “the mission”.  The missionaries oversee the work and help the people learn how and what to do.  The system works and if effective.  It takes money and much of our contributions go to pay for their labor.  We tend to want to give things we see as needed.  We should focus on giving things the missionaries tell us they need.  Most of all we should constantly keep them in our prayers and petitions to the Lord.   There is more to a mission than most of us know.  One recommendation I will make to you all, especially those who have children at home or who you can influence;  mission trips to places like Haiti are for them.  Expose them to this view of the world and if possible go with them.  It will be one of the most important life lessons you be able to bestow into their hearts.  It will help to make their heart moldable by the Lord, their eyes open to see what God sees.  I pray and lift up all our missionaries all over the world and those at NWHCM.  Lord you know their work and needs.  Give all of us the means and desire to support their work.  You have blessed us in order that we might return to them just a small portion of the grace you have given to us all in your Son.  In Your Name I pray.  Amen

Training Prep

Ran 6 miles of quarter mile intervals this afternoon.  Ran one mile at a faster pace than I had before.  Time to step up the work a little.  Had a dinner but worked it in just before.  Was surprised how good I felt.  Cold is about gone and got some good rest last night.  Got a new pair of shoes and determined that I waited to long to replace the old pair.   Makes my legs feel better.  Hopefully, I will get a long bike ride tomorrow, 2 hrs is the plan.

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