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April 3, 2010

Spiritual Prep

We went out to the far west today to La Plane, Beauchamp and La Baie.  We went maybe 60 miles all total but it took us all day.  The roads are all dirt, rock and ruts.  Travel is slow and I am sure without a horn someone would be killed.  Donkeys don’t recognize horns but people and other vehicles do.  At La Plane, we watched as a Church was staked off to build.  About 200 people will attend.  Now they are in a makeshift hut with a tarp for a roof.  They will pour a concrete slab and build the walls with concrete blocks.  The roof will be tin.  We then went to Beauchamp where the church is already built and now other buildings are going up for a sewing program teaching the women to sew so they will have a trade.  They also have a feeding program.  They are really proud of the cisterns they now have to catch water.  They have had to carry in water but now they will capture it through a gutter system.  We then went to La Baie.  There in     La  Baie they are building an orphanage to go with the Church.  The far west is  poorer than poor.  You cannot imagine when you look at what they live in as homes and consider how a hurricane or hard tropical storm would destroy them in an instant.   Like most civilizations, the river is very key to life.  Washing, bathing and all that goes with water.  Tomorrow is Easter and there is a 5:30 am sunrise service.  A regular service will start at 9:30 am and go till noon.  HE IS RISEN!  Amen.  We are headed for Port au Prince tomorrow afternoon.

Training Prep

No running today.  However, I am sure by the truck ride, my body will as sore as if I did weights.

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