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April 28, 2010

Spiritual Prep

I am at a meeting on an island not that far from Haiti.  It is a different world.  We ask ourselves why things can be so different when the locations are not that far apart.  Here a paradise, a vacation spot and there poverty, sickness and distress.   Not that far apart.  We know people who have healthy and thriving spiritual lives and not that far away are those who are without spiritual direction, poor in knowledge and in distress with their lives.  You and I both know someone in distress spiritually.  Just like the situation with the earthqauake and the poverty in Haiti, the distress in the lives of the people you know offer an opportunity to direct them to the source of hope.  The country of Haiti will take years of development to become a better place.  Hearts, even ours take years of the Potter molding the clay for us to become people with better hearts.  Things are different in the materical world, not so different in our spiritual world.  I am reminded of the passage in Matt 7:4.  Good to watch the plank in your own eye before removing the speck in others.    Lord, give us humility of self and endurance for the service of others.  In you Name, Amen. 

Training Prep

Rest day although, plenty of activity for a great calorie burn today.  Will hit the pavement tomorrow morning early for another run.  We are closing in on the final days.  Got to admit I am ready for it to end.  I am just an exerciser so every other day is acceptable to me.  This has been a journey to prepare .  I am pleased with what it has done for me physically but the committment has been more than I am used to.   I will have to decided when the race is over if I want to exercise at the same pace or eat at a lesser pace.  Either way, there is a price to pay for the result.  Isn’t that the way it always is?

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