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April 27, 2010

Spiritual Prep

CBS News featured NWHCM’s medical ministry this past Sunday.  It was posted on the face book page of this site.  Below is a synopsis of the film and a link so you can go and watch.  It is worth the time.   The copy follows. 

Saint-Louis du Nord, Haiti — A story aired on CBS News Saturday highlighting the efforts of Northwest Haiti Christian Mission’s medical clinic to help meet the enormous health needs in the country’s Northwest Department.

The piece, which was shown on the CBS Evening News, outlines Haiti’s dire public health climate even before the January 12 earthquake that destroyed most of the health-care infrastructure in Port-au-Prince. CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook calls NWHCM’s clinic “one of the best in the region,” noting, however, that both public hospitals and NGOs must be better equipped to fully address the country’s medical problems.

In the piece, LaPook tells the story of NWHCM’s medical staff having to share an oxygen machine between a premature baby and an expectant mother experiencing labor complications, because only one machine was available.

“The reality is that even the best-equipped NGO hospitals in Haiti have to make very hard decisions every day because resources are so limited, compared with hospitals in the United States,” said Andy Olsen, NWHCM media director. “LaPook’s story underscores the huge need for greater financial support of medical ministries in Haiti, and the need for governments to invest in Haiti’s public health infrastructure.”

NWHCM has been providing free and low-cost medical care in Northwest Haiti for more than 20 years. It’s medical facilities are almost entirely staffed by trained Haitian doctors and nurses, and surgeries are offered at various times throughout the year by NWHCM’s many visiting surgery teams. Click here to learn more about NWHCM’s medical programs.

Click here to view the full video segment on CBS.

Training Prep

Ran 3 miles today.  The heat where I am feels the same early morning and late afternoon.  Really humid and I seem to sweat all the water in my body out as fast as I can put it in.  Will take a rest tomorrow.  Have found some relief from the PF.  I have used a golf ball to roll around on my heels and my arch.  The heel is very touchy but seems to loosen it up and make it better.  I have also used the back shoe string holes on my shoes to pull the shoe back more on my foot not allowing it to slide forward.  Not sure which is doing the job and don’t care–I will do them both.  Only about 5 more runs till the Day! 

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