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April 26. 2010

Spiritual Prep

Listened to a song by Casting Crowns today while running.  They were singing about the “Giant” calling to us and saying we can’t win.  Of course they were singing about David and Goliath.  1 Sam 17–Remember when David is fearless and claims the Lord is on his side and goes into battle.  The Giant tells him he can’t win.  How often do we listen to the giant and believe him in our lives.  How often do we face things of God and let the world tell us we can overcome.  Jesus tells us that he has overcome.  Our fearlessness in Jesus is challenged by the world calling to us that we can’t win.  We already have.  Little does the world know.  “though he slay me, yet will I love him” .  Couldn’t help but think of all the giants we see in the world and let them win in our heads and then in our hearts.  I desire to take a stand and say who is this that insults the Lord God and to be fearless like David.  You?

Training Prep

Ran 2.75 miles today in heat and humidity.  Just a loosen up run but felt really good.  Started rolling a golf ball under my foot and heal to try to break up whatever there is that is hurting.  Seemed to help.

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