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April 25, 2010

Spiritual Prep

It is so good to have friends in the Lord.  Friends are a gift but when you share friendship in the goodness of the Lord, that is something special.  We are travelingl today and cannot be at Church.  We have our running shirts (you can see them on Run Mark Run, face book page) and we are wearing them every chance to advertise the website and fundraiser.  Not being there today, Sallie Sparks is going to present on our behalf.  She is a dear friend to our family and a great supporter of this effort.  Love Ya Sallie and thanks for wearing the shirt at Church today.   Proverbs 27:6 <Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses>  We trust Sallie and many other of our brothers and sisters in Christ with our hearts.  

Training Prep

No training today.  Starting to rest more.  Not to sore from the 6 yesterday.  Ran earlier in the day and kept moving.  Think that helped by not slowing down.  Still have some lactic acid build up.  Did you know that there is a heart rate level where you can exercise and your body will effeciently move the acid build up so there is little soreness.  Professionals can test for your threshold.  Unfortunatley, my threshold is so low, I can walk faster than running at that level.  But on the bike I can stay there all day with hardly any soreness.  I have become a real fan of the bike.  Let me recommend it as a way to exercise on a consistant basis.  You have to pay more attention as things will dart out into your path before you know it and that has a sudden stop involved.  I hope you R getting the exercise under control.  It doesn’t take much in the way of effort, it just takes a commitment to doing the TIME.  Results come faster than you can imagine.

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