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April 23, 2010

Spiritual Prep

Gran Moun is what the elderly are called in Haiti.  Here are some quick facts about this group.   

  • The average life expectancy for Haitians born before the year 2000 is less than 50 years – compared to 77 years in the United States and 79 in Canada.
  • Seniors (age 65 and up) make up just 4 percent of Haiti’s population – compared to 13 percent in the United States.
  • Total average health care spending per person in Haiti is only $21 a year.  In the United States, it is more than $4,200 a year.
  • The elderly in Haiti are among the most vulnerable to illness and hunger

When I asked how the Gran Moun residents at the mission are chosen they let me know that really the Gran Moun make the decision.  They are discovered by the missionaries or others who noticing where they sleep and their circumstances.  Some will not take the offered shelter or food and prefer to fend for themselves the best way they know how, alone and until death.  Other find safety and caring at the mission along with the  friendship they can show one another.  They are very appreciative of the help you provide and as I witnessed, when you give them treat such as a plastic easter egg with candy inside, they will carry with them to church the egg and they don’t forget who gave it to them. 

Training Prep

Ran 4 .15 miles yesterday evening.  Nice easy pace around 10:15.  As I ease up a little and my legs and feet start to come back, the pace starts faster than I want on these training runs.  That puts the heart rate up higher than I want and then I am not quite as effecient as I want to be which causes me to walk to lower it.  Over all the pace is maintained but walking/running/walking/running without it being planned is not good.   So now I have to remember to start slow and keep it at that pace.  What happens at the race with all the excitement, the tendency is to start to fast and then crash.  Prefer to start with a pace plan and run the plan hoping for the excitement of the finish to carry the end.

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