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April 21, 2010

Spiritual Prep

Roughly half of Haitians are illiterate, especially in rural areas like the Northwest.  Of the few children who attend school, most attend private schools.  Haiti’s per capita GDP is $480 (US) a year, and school fees are prohibitively expensive at an estimated $70 – $80 dollars a year per child.   NWHCM operates 12 primary schools in the northwest.  They have appoximately 2,000 students and feed them once a day.  As I have said before, part of the mission work is about helping a generation help themselves.  Much is going on and there is much to do.  Think about booking a trip to see for yourself and be prepared to dive in and get a good dose of “I can really help make a difference”.  Yes, you can help.  There are many ways.  I am sure the if you ask you will hear from the full time missionaries, go where you are being led by the Spirit and just go to work.  For today, a penny or two and telling a friend to pledge, will do.

Training Prep

Did not doing anything yesterday.   However, did get to a hot whirlpool for my legs.  Took the road bike off the inside rack so I can start riding it outside as it starts to turn really nice.  If you are up on the blog, you know I did that with the mountain bike this past weekend.  Nice to go somewhere rather that the rack so I am all set.  Starting to pick up some volunteers to run with me.  They are a lot faster and don’t really know how slow I go but I’ll enjoy the company till they take off.  Can always pop in the ipod and listen to Casting Crowns or DC Talk.  They have great running music.  Plan to run 4miles tomight at a 10:30 pace.

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