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April 19, 2010

Spiritual Prep

Picture day today. WISH TV will be doing an interview this afternoon. Not sure what they will ask but pretty sure one question will be why am I doing this. Have spent sometime thinking about just what to say. There are a lot of reasons–which one is THE one? Which one will make the pennies come flying in. Boy I feel some pressure. I think the answer for me is to keep the missionaries doing what they do. I have come to learn that the missionaries of NWHCM all pay for the privelidege to work there and serve the Haitians. Yes, you heard me correct. They have to be given financial support from you and me. They don’t make the kind of money you can direct to a 401k or invest in the market for a cush retirement. Most just get by and do their work day after day for the benefit of the Haitains and You. They go and we support. In this country, most people think our teachers are under paid for the important work they do. I would guess that the average teacher makes a lot more than the missionaries. And cCan you imagine that they don’t complain and if they do, it is not about themselves. They are not unionized or protected as government employees under law. Yea, I am doing it so they can do what they do. The funds we are raising are tagged for medical support specifically. When we started if you read the beginning, this need for medical help is the least supported and requires pulling from the general funds. If you could see the work, progress and potiential of the labor of these young and older people, your gifts would be more, I know it. For this interview, I will have to consider carefully my words. The best thing to do is ask the Lord to give me His words for the moment to tell why His Spirit, residing in me is asking me to do what I am doing. I will let you know tomorrow how it went.

Training Prep

Plan today is to do the run for the camera and maybe just keep going for a few miles. Will report on what I decided on Tuesday. If you can’t tell, I have only an idea of a program and it can change. The key for me is to keep it moving.

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