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April 18, 2010

Spiritual Prep

I want to direct you to this place on the NWHCM website.  www.nwhcm.org/our-programs/medical.  There you can find out much more than I can put into this blog about what is being done and where your contributions will go.  As I have said before, missions and how they operate has much more meaning since my trip to Haiti.  I’m sure it is the same in many places of the world. Our family has seen others but perhaps this is the most needy overall.    Not sure how you qualify or quantify need except to witnesss how just a little help will survive a life that might be just the life our world will use for God’s glory one day.  I am always drawn to the “butterfly effect” as it relates to how our actions might not reveal themselves until so much later and maybe several generations after our passing.  If we are people who believe God has a purpose for our individual lives, then we should try to understand the purpose he has for all of our lives.  If he has a purpose for your life, what about the people of Haiti.  Each life not just some of them.  We never know when and how the Lord will use us in the things we do, we just need to be used.  To be a person the Lord can count on for his work, to be ready to serve others somehow will play a role in his purpose for your life.  Be ready, hold a thankful heart and he will come for you.   I promise. 

Training Prep

Ran 4 miles today at an easy pace, body didn’t like it.  Not sure what’s going on but might need to start eating more of the right stuff for energy.  If you are not careful, you can drop weight and not keep a full tank.  That is not good nor is eating the wrong food.  The trick is a balance.  Saw a friend at Church today who had an injury with an operation several months ago.  At first, he was bummed that at such a young age, his passion for running seemed to be at an end.  It was good to see his morale recovered although he is going to require more surgery.  But the hope he can run still burns deep inside.  Good to see that fire burning, he is a great guy and leader.  Our bodies fail and sometimes there is nothing we can do about that fact.  Yet we can find ways to remain healthy and the new machines they are developing are great for low impact but good cardio fitness.  I am convinced that except for illness or extreme disability, good health from exercise is available to all.  U just need to have the desire and the giddy up to pursue it.

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