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April 17, 2010

Spiritual Prep

I am not sure how many people are following this blog.  If you have time, a quick comment would be encouraging.  Got to hear George W. Bush speak at a “right to life” event last Thursday night.  I knew he was a professing Christ follower, but I must admit, I didn’t know he was so strong and doesn’t shy away from testimony and is very specific.  His time in office is over (he was a hoot to listen to him tell what it is like not being the president, just ordinary) there is no need for him to court a group for a political agenda.  So as he speaks as one who counts on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I am convinced.  He said he has not spoke out and critize the current president because he remembers how painful it felt to him and his family when it penetrated the walls.  He is very thankful for the prayers of the nation.  He professes to have done the best he could with the information and situation presented and used prayer to petition God.   My kind of recipe— Lord at this moment as I write and others read, I ask a special blessing for Haiti.  The sick and injured need your help through us.  I know this small effort we are making is a spit in the fire of need, but it is something you have given us as a place to show your character not only to the people of Haiti, but to your servants our brothers and sisters there on the front lines.  A chance to give and provide for their needs so they can minister your grace and kindness with medical help and attention in the name of your Son, our Savior.  Bless our efforts and those efforts of all working in your name.  Hear this prayer from those who claim righteousness only in the name of Jesus.   Amen

Training Prep

Got on the bike today and did 11 miles.  Took a little under an hour.  Nice day, a little windy and cool but nice to have sunshine.  Will hit the pavement again tomorrow.   We are up to $3.26 for every person I pass.  Now, If I make the 2,000 passes, that’s $6,520 but what if I can pass 4,000, that’s over $13,000 and 6,000, that’s over $25,000 and any more I will surely — not make it to the next day!  Whew   Thanks to all who have stepped up–In Him

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