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April 16, 2010

Spiritual Prep

I read a book titled “Claiming Your Place at the Fire” by Leider & Shapiro.  It is about the 2nd half of your life.  In the villages of Tanzania, when the tribe gathers at night around the fire, the elders take a seat closest in and the others stand behind on the outside.  The elders talk about the business of the tribe and life.  At some point or age, those on the outside must take or claim their place  at the fire as elders, becoming responsible for the teaching and passing of truth and decision making logic to the next generation.   As I transition in my life to this phase, it is a little scary.  You know you are still learning and have just yourself learned how little you really know.  Then you find yourself the oldest in the room, in charge and expected to have wisdom and knowledge.  Who me?  Staying in God’s word will provide most of the real answers people seek.  Just like the elders claiming their place at the fire to pass on all the information necessary for the next generation, the Lord has provided for all generations to come.  The Lord is Good–All the time!

Training Prep

Ran the HILL!  whoa, a full mile that climbs quicker than I like.   The rapid increase in heart rate for an extended period had me talking to myself above the ipod music.  Go slow but don’t stop – U can make itttt!  Did but sucked air in all cavaties.  Really tuckered me out.  Did 4 miles but a mile was back down the hill.  Interesting thing, when CJ runs it too, we agree that as we speed up coming down it is hard on our hips.

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