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April 12, 2010

Spiritual Prep

Deuteronomy 6 of the Old Testament is a chapter where Moses is telling the people about how loving God will benefit them in their lives.  It has instructions on ways to behave and to make sure your children and family are in sinc with the Lord.  In our Sunday class, an oberservation was made that our children and all the people we come into contact have chalk board and each of us are given a piece of chalk every day and we have an opportunity to write on the chalkboard of everyone we come in contact with today and everyday.  The world will work to erase the good that is written.  It is important to get up every day and recognize the opportunity we have been given.  On our children we must write and write  and write so when the world starts to erase, there is so much written, the world will never get it all.  On those who we may only get to write on their board once, we must be thoughtful and maximize our opportunity.  This will help us to “enjoy long life”  v 2b. 

Note:  We are moving the pennies up.  Please keep passing on the website and asking people to pledge.  We still don’t have the penetration we need, the people of Haiti need. 

Training Prep

My legs were really sore after the long run outside.  Ran only 2.5 miles yesterday only  as a loosen up.  Then walked another.  Took the stick and rolled out the legs but shins are still really sore today.  Took a  rest day and will be back at it tomorrow.   Most likely will do 4 miles outside to continue on the hard surfaces.

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