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March 9 Update

Spiritual Prep
As I contemplated the Word of God from the scripture yesterday, mercy is in the center of my mind. Justice is what most everyone cries for yet it is not what we really want. Justice is an easy thing to ask for when it is being administered to others or when we have been wronged. However, when I inspect and really look at my life, yeah I would rather have mercy. I cannot stand in the presence of the Lord or you and demand justice. Thanks be to the Lord for his mercy.

Story about Haiti

Clean water is vital to the health of the people in Haiti. At the refugee stations, there is an immediate need to provide clean drinking water for the thousands. The make shift process works with one small filter and 2 five gallon buckets, one being poured through the filter to the other. After obtaining over 200 water filters there was a need for over 400 five gallon buckets. A group of women at a Church in Burlington, Kentucky decided to supply these buckets and put out a call for help. And help arrived to fully fund the cost of the needed buckets. But the really cool part was how everyone got involved and what came next. The women made and put labels on each bucket before they were sent to Haiti. It said in Creole (the language in Haiti), “Ask me about living water” (John 4). This small act of faith may just cause one person to ask of those offering mercy with clean drinking water to tell about “Living Water”. Is that great or what! God’s people love Him.

Training Prep
Rode my bike today for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I tried to keep my heart rate at a constant 125 bpm (beats per minute). I ride indoors when the weather is bad. For Christmas, JJ and Franklin (our daughter and son in law) gave me an apparatus I can put my road bike in and use it just like I was outdoors. It is cool. I started last year substituting a long bike ride for the long runs recommended by most training programs. Easier on the aging knees. Getting in shape and losing weight is all about the heart rate and time. I will give you some thoughts on that as we go. See you tomorrow.

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