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March 8 Update

Spiritual Prep
My thoughts today center on how I can’t imagine a day without feeling the redeeming love of God.  For far too many years I sought redemption in my own strength.  The world values and rewards strength.  Yet in the face of sin and death, my own strength is useless.  I am very disappointed in myself as I consider how weak I am spiritually.  When I  face the truth about myself all I am able to do is to bow and yield to the living God and ask that His power, wisdom and mercy rule in my life.  For in my inner most being, you know that place where you face yourself in the presence of the Lord, where it is just you and Him; I find myself humbled and  I am sometimes overcome by emotions of sorrow about my ability to behave and act in accordance with His goodness.  Yet when I leave that place, I am comforted by the understanding that He is God and has provided mercy for my weakness.  With my faith strengthened and my spirit comforted, I can push forward and face the days and nights.

Matthew 9:13 “But go and learn what this means, I desire compassion, and not sacrifice, for I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Story about Haiti

As we launch this effort, Cameron from NWHCM shared this with me!

“When I first experienced the medical work at NWHCM, I could tell God was saving lives through the medical work!  In one day, I had experienced the following:  an IV being started on a three year old girl with typhoid, a pregnant mom giving birth, a six-month old coming for a check that weighed only seven pounds, and holding 3 lb. 12 oz. Isaiah who was born three days earlier on the side of the road where his mother died.  I praise God that Mark has stepped up to make this a priority and to help us meet the medical needs in Haiti.”—Cameron Mayhill, Director of Development, NWHCM

Training Prep
Today I ran Intervals.  This is a method of running to help your speed and conditioning.  I warm up by running ½ mile at a slower than race pace.  Then I sprint ¾ for a mile at a pace faster than race pace.  Then I walk ¼ mile and then start the sprint again.  I do this for 4 miles, then finish with a ½ mile at a slower than race pace to cool down.   I am watching my diet as well.  I need to drop at least 5 pounds before the race.

See you tomorrow.  Remember, to reach 1,000,000 pennies pledged it will take you and all your friends passing this on to entire email address books and asking everyone to pass it on to their friends.  See you tomorrow.  In Him who can do more than we ask!

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