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March 29, 2010

Spiritual Prep

I have a running buddy who has run by my side for many years.  She is a lot faster but she is willing to run by my side and encourage me to stay in shape and at times we have discussed the affairs of the world and of the Spirit.  Jenny is my buddy, she is my pal.  I love running and doing things with her.  She will be leaving for a medical mission trip in South Africa this Thursday as we leave for Haiti.  She is part of the Crossroads team in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is a very large and growing congregation of Christians.   I prayed to God before she was born that her mother and I would do our best to raise her in Him.  He took her heart and I am proud to have a little piece of it myself.  She will run all the way with me in this race.

Stories from Haiti

Take a look:  http://melonnieinhaiti.wordpress.com/2010/03/28/411/

Training Prep

Took a sick day yesterday.  Better today.  Biked for 1hour and 45 minutes at a 135 heart rate.  Time is gettting squeezed.  Will have to find some odd times to get the work in.

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