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March 27, 2010

Spiritual Prep

Was flipping through Naves Topical Bible and came upon a word and was captivated by what followed.  Here is the word and what is recorded.  WAITING. Upon God:  As the God of providence Jer. 14:22; as the God of salvation, Psa. 25:5; as the giver of all temporal blessings, Psa. 104:27, 28; 145:15, 16.   For Mercy, Psa. 123:2, pardon, Psa. 39:7,8; the consolation of Israel, Luke 2:25;  salvation, Gen. 49:18;  Psa. 62:1,2;  guidance and teaching, Psa. 25:5;  protection, Psa. 33:20;  59:9,10;  the fulfillment of his word, Hab. 2:3;  the fulfillment of his promises, Acts 1:4;  hope of righteousness by faith, Gal. 5:5;  coming of Christ, 1 Cor. 1:7; 1 Thess. 1:10.  Is good, Psa, 52:9.   God call us to, Zeph. 3:8.  Exhortations and encouragements, Psa. 27:14;  Hos. 12:6.   Should be with the soul, Psa. 62:1,5;  with earnest desire, Psa 130:6;  with patience, Psa. 37:7; 40:1;  with resignation, Lam. 3:26;  with hope in his word, Psa. 130:5;  with full confidence, Mic. 7:7; continually, Hos. 12:6.

This string of verses dealing with the word “waiting” gives a great message for meditation and thoughtfulness.

Training Prep

Cold still with me but not in my lungs.  Did 4 miles tonight on the road.  First run after a break always seems hard to me.  Always makes me think I should not take a break.  CJ and I went and got stuff for Haiti today.  Getting closer to leaving.   Thanks for reading.  In Him.

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