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March 21, 2010

Training Prep

In Salt Lake City.  Just got through with a short 3.25 miles.  Ran looking at beautiful snow capped mountains.  About 62 degrees, a little windy.  Got a small cold starting.  Hopeful it is a minor one but zaps me a little.  Makes getting to the work out a little harder but once there make me feel better.   Hotel has a hot tub.  That was nice.

Take a look at this site-–http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=30rWm84z-zg

There are still people in Haiti looking for the hope that many have found.  Often it comes by way of physical help.  Join with us to give a gift that is designed to keep giving help and where everlasting hope is offered as well.  Keep passing on runmarkrun.net and let’s take the help viral.  Teamwork–dividing the effort and multiplying the effect–John Maxwell

Spiritual Prep

There are things you learn and still you don’t always utilize the learning.  I know to never  put off to tomorrow what I can do today.  I am getting where I don’t put it off for 5 minutes or I forget what it was I wanted to do.  This is about yesterday and later tonight I will do today.  Spent the last couple of days with work associates at a meeting in Las Vegas.  There is a national association meeting every year and wherever it meets we meet just before at the same location.  I can’t tell you how much I am encouraged when I spend time at work with people of character.  People who are interested in the well being of others and have made their profession based upon that conviction.  People who are believers and carry that into the work place.  Catching up with them on a personal and spiritual level makes life seamless.  I am confident that the Lord wants us to mature to the point that our life in Him is seamless in all we do.  How blessed I am to work, play and worship with men and women who are striving to intergate the Word throughout all aspects of their lives and not to compartmentalize it just to specific times rather to display it all the time–seamless.  I give thanks and praise to God for the relationships he has so graciously allowed me to have through my work.

Training Prep

Got out early yesterday and ran 3.5 miles on solid concrete.  Could not find any ashplalt and much of the run was up and down the walk overs.  Believe it or not, runners (at least older ones) can tell the difference in hard and soft surfaces especially in the legs later.  Catching a plane to Salt Lake this morning and will work there tomorrow so I will get a run in later today.  Usually when you run at 5:00 am there is not much to see.  In Vegas, there is a lot to see and most of it is very disheartnening.  A lot of the people out on the street at that time of the morning don’t look well.  You also can experience some tense moments as my friend Ron Remak did.  During his run he was passing a couple of fellows and one decided to come up and run beside him for a short distance. A little un-nerving for Ron.

As a reminder, the object of this fund raiser is for medical care of the people in Haiti.  I am going to start at the rear of all runners in the OneAmerica Mini Marathon on May 8th in Indianapolis.  We are asking you and as many others as possible to pledge a minimum of a penny for every person I pass.  Lump sums are of course welcome.  We believe I might be able to pass 2,000 of my fellow runners before the finish.  If you only pledged a penny, the cost is $20.00.  Not much.  Be a sport and give me some incentive by pledging 5 or 10 pennies.  I will add more later in the day after I arrive and take the afternoon run.

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