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March 19, 2010

Spiritual Prep

There are stories of earthquakes in the Bible.  In Acts 16: 25, Paul is in prison and the scripture say a violent earthquake shook the foundations.  The jailer who was accountable for the prisoners was about to take his life because he knew they had escaped and he would be blamed.  Can you imagine what it must be like to live in a society where life is so expendable and punishment so harsh.  A natural disaster occurs like an earthquake and people would be blamed and perhaps executed for the aftermath.  Where judgment would extract a punishment so bad that you would be willing to take your own life to escape the fate.  I can’t imaging the depth of despair people must face when they decide that taking their own life is the best  option.  Paul when he realizes what is about to happen, lets the jailer know they are still there and no need for him to take his life.  A reprieve–and somewhere it prompts the jailer to ask, what must I do to be saved?  When there is no hope, who among us would not ask the question, what must I do to be saved?   And who will answer?   At this time and this disaster, it is up to us to show His nature through our response.  To say, hold on we are here and we have good news!  The Lord’s message of good news will be accepted.  Are you there to help or have you escaped?

Training Prep

It was a rest day—yea—-Had to travel today and I am in a 3 hour different time zone out west.   Weather is great.  Night will be just above 55 and day just around 78.  Great running weather.  Fighting sleep but need to stay awake for another hour.  Will be up around 5 am to get in a quick run before the day.   I have a great toy.  It is a GPS heart rate monitor.  Tells me my pace, heart rate, time and distance.  Can’t work to long or short that way.  Neat thing is it will pick up wherever I am.  I can then down load the stastices and where ever I have been,  it will show it on a map.  Real cool.  Stores my workouts so I have a record of the details and a map of where all I have been.  Had the opportunity to be on the great wall of China and run to and around Tiananmen Square.  I wore it.  Sure enough, I have the map to prove it.  A great gadget that along with the ipod keeps me enterained while working on my health.

Keep passing on the web site, runmarkrun.net.  We are a long way off from our goal but if people tell people, it will spread.  If you want to help, contract all the media you can.  Send emails, call the radio stations and newspapers.   Just like the Lord’s plan for the Church, YOU are the plan.  In Him,  Mark

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