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March 18, 2010

Spiritual Prep

Do you wonder if you will hear the voice of God?  I believe there is so much noise around us all the time, his voice may get crowded out.  Isaiah found himself in the presence of God in Isaiah chapter 6 verse 8 of the Old Testament.  It doesn’t seem as though God is talking directly to him but is inquiring in general, “who will go”  and give his message.  Isaiah hears him and says “Here am I. Send me”.  If we get still and quiet with God alone and heard his voice ask for  volunteers, I wonder if I would say “Here am I.  Send me.” or would I have to know what he wanted before I would raise my hand.  Guess it would be OK if while we are waiting to hear God speak specifically to us, we were content with the urges we get from the spirit that tells us what needs to be done and raise our hands and say, “Here am I. Use me”.

Training Prep

Big day, weighed and I have lost the weight I wanted and fell under 180 lbs.  I like the lower weight and can tell when I run it’s gone.  Cloths are looser as well.  Did quarter mile intervals today at lunch.  Did 1 quarter at a 10 min mile pace to warm up then did 4 quarters at a 8.34 min mile pace, then 4 quarters at a 8 min mile pace, then 4 quarters at a 7.30 minute mile pace, then 4 quarters at a8 min mile pace, and last 3 quarters at a 10 mile pace to cool down.   Good news, intervals on a treadmill are easier and it is softer on the legs so don’t hurt to bad.   What you eat on the days before the race and on race day is important.  Each year at the Mini, my bud and daughter Jenny always runs with me at a pace much slower than she usually runs but is kind to her aging dad.  This last year we were both treated as my son her brother Tanner (he is a police officer in Madison, Alabama) came up and ran with us.   This being his first long run, didn’t train, have the right shoes or shorts and didn’t fuel well the morning of the race.  So by the time we got half way (6.5 miles), he was really out of gas.  But there, there on the ground he found an unopened granola bar.  He was so thankful and confident it was a gift from God just for him.  It enabled him to finish the race.  Talked to him yesterday and he is coming again.  This time he is training, will have new good pair of running shoes, proper shorts and says he will carry extra energy bars.  Experience is sometimes the best teacher.  See you tomorrow.

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