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March 17, 2010

Spiritual Prep

Matt 25:14 begins the story of the owner who gives some talents to his servants.  A couple of the servants put the talents to work and one held on to what he had and didn’t try to do anything with what he was given.  Didn’t work out so well for the one who held on tight to what he had.   Maybe we should watch those who are producing a return to see how they put their talents to work and at least follow their lead.  In the kingdom, using our talents is not always about money.  I admire those who have little but seem to get everything and more from what they have been given.   The people who work for Northwest Haiti Christian Mission are putting their talents to work and what is being earned is a spiritual return beyond imagination.   Don’t hold on to your talents (money or gifts) in hopes that you can return just what the owner has given.  Seems there is an expectation we will put them to work.  If your at a loss of how to do that, Look to the examples of those who have put their talents to work and are getting a large return, and follow their lead.   All of us have talents.  Doesn’t seem from the story that the amount matters, just the use.  Take action and don’t let what you can’t do – keep you from doing what you can do!

I am very proud of my son in law, Franklin Baker.  Jenny (daughter) met Franklin while in college.  They did a mission trip to Haiti and later married.  It was that trip where Franklin decided to be in the medical field (after he fainted-go figure).  His purpose for that vocation was specifically to do mission work and make a difference.  He came back, went to school and graduated with honors as a Physicians Assistant.  He and Jenny have been true to their plan, making medical mission trips with another one planned to Africa at the same time we are in Haiti this April.   Franklin and Jenny’s hearts are large and Franklin is committed to using his talents for the benefit of others.  I  love and admire him.  He is in the circle of trust!

Training Prep

Weather was great so I decided to do my warm up outside.  A quick 2 miles on foot and then the bike.  Legs are worn out being on the hard surfaces without a break.  Did a total of 60 minutes of work.  Got up real early today so pretty tired and ran out of gas quick.  Work out hurt.  Tomorrow will really hurt–intervals.  Friday is a day of rest and travel to a meeting out west.  Next time I have a funny story to tell about one of my running buddies, Tanner.  Stay tuned.

Need to keep the pressure on to spread the word.  We have to keep building the pledges.  Thanks, In Him!  Mark

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