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March 15

Spiritual Prep

James 2:26  “Faith without works is dead”.  I want to see things through God’s perspective.  I am never sure of my eyesight as it relates to God’s perspective.  I do know that reading the Word helps me gain understanding and as a result better eyesight.  There is a study called “Experiencing God” I recommend.   Some great precepts about how to experience the Lord is in this study.  One of the simple precepts is, where you see God at work go join in.  Seems that is a great perscription for good eyesight and putting faith into action.  My thanks to all who have joined to help this work through your faith.  In Him

Story from Haiti

Life in Haiti is precious!  We saw that after the earthquake when over 200,000 died in Port au Prince.  But, more importantly y you saw the babies born in the streets and tent cities just a few days after the earthquake.  Life was birthed in those places.  The birthing center at Northwest is where the action happens.  The birthing center averages between 60 and 80 babies born each month.  Mothers come to receive prenatal visits, deliver babies, and for post-partum appointments.  It is a busy place where literally mothers and babies lives are hanging in the balance.  A few weeks ago, we lost a mother!  In the middle of the night, you could hear the wailing and crying of the family members.  From Port au Prince to our birthing center, life is precious and we need your help to let the people have life and life to the fullest.—Cameron Mayhill, NWHCM Staffer

Training Prep

Ran 3.25 miles this morning.  Ran on concrete for the last 2 days.  If you run you can really tell the difference between asphalt and concrete.  I have been on the treadmill a lot due to weather.  But I must get outside on the hard surface as much as possible.  Concrete is a killer.  Enjoyed myself more as I thought about how over the weekend the viral aspect has started to work.  We went from 20 pennies pledged to over 70 in two days.  Keep it going and I will keep working to be sure I can finish the race.  Thanks for putting in your 2 cents worth.  Mark

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