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March 14, 2010

Spiritual Prep and News from Haiti

Good morning on Sunday.  Hope you all got the change to daylight savings time transitioned OK.  I know we are connected today and assemble as a body all over the world to celebrate and praise our God, his son Jesus the Christ through the Spirit residing in us.  I don’t know if you have discovered the NWHCM.org site yet so let me encourage you to go and check it out.  I could say much but it would be best if you could see and hear it through the eyes of those who are there now.  On the face page to the right is a brown column with current blogs.  Go read what Jody Castillo writes about “Amid the Rubble”.  If you go to the staff page, you can read about this amazing person serving in the kingdom as well as all the others.  It is moving and worth the read.   WE NEED YOU TO SEND OUR MISSION ON TO EVERYONE YOU CAN.  ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO PUT IN THEIR 2 CENTS WORTH , ON —-runmarkrun.net

Training Prep

Got up and ran 3 miles this morning at an easy pace.  CJ and I are in Dallas and believe it or not, there are some hills where we are staying so a lot of up and downs.

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