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March 12 Update

Spiritual Prep

This morning as I was reading in Matthew chapter 5, and was reminded how Jesus when asked yes or no type questions,  always seems to elevate the question rather than saying yes or no.  I wonder if we get ourselves in trouble sometimes by offering a yes or no answer to spiritual questions?  Would we be better off elevating the question to another level with a story that relates the question to an example where people can decide rather than us rendering judgment.  Scripture gives us example after example of how to do do that.  My prayer for us all is that we are consuming scripture and it is becoming more of part of us so we will be “salty”.

Story from Haiti

Did you know?  Did you know?  1 in 10 children in Haiti die before they reach the age of five years old.  These children die because of preventable illnesses and lack of medical care.  At NWHCM, they have been fighting for each child’s life!  Whether it is a new born premie struggling for every breath or a child that has contracted typhoid, children are the future and NWHCM is doing everything it can to make sure the future of Haiti has a chance!

Training Prep

Haven’t done the work yet today.  Time to do exercise is always a problem.  You have to make time no matter what.  My exercise will be later today.  Today is a long easier run so I will do about an hour and a half on an elliptical.  Thought I would touch on the second key to success in fitness. Heart rate. You have to keep your heart rate up for a specific amount of time to lose weight and to get your heart healthy.  (Again, you should have a physical before you start)  To be able to keep up with your heart rate in exercise is critical and requires a heart rate monitor.  They are not expensive and will be the best equipment you will own.  Most research will tell you that if you take 220 minus your age, it will equal your maximum heart rate.  For example 220-58 (my age)=162.  Then if you exercise and keep you heart rate at around 60-65% of the maximum for 40 minuets or more, you are burning fat.  The key is rate and time.  At that 60-65% rate, your body will go to the fat cells for energy/sugar first and if you take in less calories than you burn, weight loss will happen.  It is important not to work harder if weight loss is your objective.  Working harder will make your body go to the first available place for energy which will be your blood stream and you won’t get the fat burn.  You will find that as you get in better shape you will have to elevate your work in order to achieve the desired heart rate.  That’s a sign it is working.  If you are going for more healthy heart, you will want to work at about a 70% level or above.  I encourage you to read more at the many places on line.

It is easier than you think.  Now finding the time and making it as important as other things, that’s the trick.  Good luck, see you tomorrow.

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