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March 10 Update

Spiritual Prep

I am really excited to think about what God can do with our mission.  I have also realized just how big or small he can make the outcome and now I have gone from excited to slightly scared.  I have had this idea for a while and through CJ, Janeil, Cameron, Andy and Jason just to name a few of the team at NWHCM; God has challenged me to put this to the test.  He has provided the horse power to lay the ground work to get out there through social marketing.  I was reminded by Paul Branks, a good friend, of Psalm 127:1- Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.  We are building this through the Spirit that resides in you.  This is not being built by anything we have built inside of ourselves except what is built by the Holy Spirit.  I am confident that left to ourselves, we would always face inward and never toward others.  I am grateful to be filled with more of the Lord and less of me.

Story from Haiti

Today is a big day in Haiti!  The shrimp boat carrying 80,000 lbs of relief supplies has landed in Port de Paix, Haiti just 8 miles from NWHCM main campus.  This shipment of relief supplies took the effort of thousands of people from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Florida, Kansas just to name a few.  The primary effort was to bring food and medicine to the mission to help provide the on-going relief to those that have been suffering since the earthquake.  Medicine is a vital component in most of our daily lives.  We walk to the closet or cabinet open it up and take an aspirin or antibiotic.  It is not that easy in Haiti and this is what makes this endeavor even more exciting.

Training Prep

Today is a rest day, Hallelujah!   The reason I started thinking about my health is the wake up call a lot of us get.  My cholesterol reading shot up to an unhealthy level.  The doctor offered medication.  I asked about alternatives and he said diet and exercise.  I am not real smart so condensing most things to a simple form is what I do.  The first thing I began to understand is good calories in and calories out.  It is quite simple to understand, management on the other hand is much more difficult.  To be as healthy as you genes will allow, this one must be understood and acted upon.  Want to be fit, better get a handle on this first.  Weight watchers is a great place to learn and apply.  Things are always easier with a team around you.  It spreads the work and multiplies the result.  I was able to lose 25 lbs and it didn’t take that long and it didn’t hurt.   More to come.   See you tomorrow

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