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March 30, 2010

Spiritual Prep

2 Timothy 1:5,  Paul tells Timothy he is sure of the faith that is in him which first dwelt in his grandmother and mother.   I want to take a minute to honor my mother.  The faith that is within me was first in my grandmother and then my mother just like Timothy.  She instilled it in me at a very young age.  There were many times where I am sure she wondered and worried if it was there, you know really there.  By that you can get a drift of how difficult I might have been.  She used to say I would pay for my raising and she meant that I would understand how hard it is to know the truth and have a deep desire for you child to understand the significance of it as well.  By having faith dwell in her, it was transported to me and that is a significant act of love and to her I am eternally grateful.  How much our Father, God feels the same.  There are people who don’t have a mother or grandmother like I did who has the faith to pass on.  We, you and I,  are God’s plan to show and demonstrate our faith to them.  People who have much and are satisfied are not as hungry for hope as those who have little.  Feeding and helping those who can’t climb out of their situation is exactly what God did for us.  Thanks for you help to return to others only a little of what the Lord has done for you and me.   If you didn’t go to the link from yesterday, go back and take the time to read what Melonnie wrote.  Just scroll down and click on the link.

Training Prep

Stole an hour at lunch today and ran for an hour at a 10:10 pace on the treadmill.  I have got to start moving outside.  Running on the treadmill is easier than on the ground.  It takes more energy to move your body along outside.  You get used to a faster pace on the treadmill and outside that pace fatigues you quicker.  Key is to transfer back out at a slower pace and build up.  38 days and counting.  Still need more pennies! Keep the faith– I am!

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