We're here to raise $100,000 for Haiti. Contribute to us and help provide clean water, medical care and food for the people of Haiti, still struggling more than a year after the earthquake. Join THREE Marks and pledge to support them as they conquer 13.1 miles each running the OneAmerica Mini Marathon.

We are so excited to make it past the $50,000 MARK! Help us make it to $100K!

Want to help Haiti? Make your pledge today! //bit.ly/124

Why Run?

Running for Haiti is rich with so much symbolism.

First and foremost, we want to convey the fundamental message that all of us are in a race against time to help boys and girls in Haiti that need our support right now and that if we don’t quickly, the results could very well be dire. Secondly, this is simply our way of doing what we know how to do and channel the energy from it to help a cause bigger than ourselves. Lastly, running is hard and we want to show you just how much we care about this cause by pouring our all into this race!