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May 13, 2010


Spiritual Prep

I am speaking Sunday to a Church on the topic of “Is ethics in the workplace an oxymoron?”  ‘What a great title.  I will be asking the question, what’s the workplace got to do with ethics.  I am positive, that ethics are not situational or occupational.  I know there are classes in major universities about situational ethics.  My question is, do they teach which situations we are supposed to have ethics or which ethics are suited to the situation?  I hope to bring meaningful thoughts so as to provoke the audience to go home and think on things as it relates to God’s Word.  You know if you read the old testament, you will find that the Jews had worked hard to create situational ethics and messed it up.  The Word had to come and live among us to show us what our ethics/ethos, our being, who we are, our souls should look like.  Then as a perfect sacrifice, offer himself in our stead to satisfy justice and create for us salvation in Him.  A part from Him, we can have only a shadow of ethics.  Living in Him, He is our ethos our ethics.  More of you Lord and less of us.  We ask in your name,  Amen

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